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24 January 2007

So, too

*Sigh*. I had a post planned out about the State of the Union Address. I was going to write out a share of what we four said to the television as George Bush spoke. Some of our replies were funny, many of them were serious, but, in the end, I decided that it was silly of me to give something I think is just fluff pomp and circumstance too much attention.

I’ve never liked the SOTU. It’s just a one-hour infomercial by the Administration in power. Has any really new idea or program been introduced in a SOTU? (Consort? KathyF?) Certainly not recently. I think back to GWB’s promise of HIV/AIDS money for Africa a few years back. Whatever became of that? It was forgotten, just like funding for Afghanistan in the 2002 budget (just two months after the Taliban was ousted). And now it’s malaria money. Pfft. Ain’t gonna happen.

The sunshiny economic outlook? The rosy “success story” that is No child Left Behind? It’s all spin and lies. And platitudes: “Our citizens don't much care which side of the aisle we sit on — as long as we are willing to cross that aisle when there is work to be done”: Really? So the past five years of slamming the door in the face of the Democrats was because there was no work to be done? Please, give us some credit, here.

I want action, not words. Like a good story, don’t tell me; rather, show me. And this commie-anarchist-leftist would really like it if we didn’t give someone three standing ovations just because they are holding an elected office. If they suck as an administrator, keep your butt glued to your seat. He’s. just. a. man.