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30 January 2007

Age-ist and Unrepentant

When I support changing a rule, I fully expect to have to live with the consequences myself. Because the good of society supercedes any individual's rights.

Should everyone pay higher taxes to support social services and medical care for all? Damn straight.

Should affirmative action be continuted, even if it means that I or a member of my family may be affected by a choice made to comply with such laws? Yes.

Should the retirement age be upped? Of course. (Even if that means I won't be guaranteed the 20-plus years of retired traveling-time the Baby Boomers have been able to take advantage of? Why-ee-esss.

Should older drivers be required to renew their licenses on an accelerated schedule? Incorporating reflex tests and visions tests? Abso-fucking-lutely. Once we hit 65, we should be tested yearly. Yes, yearly.