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16 January 2007

Girly House

You’d think I’d have realized long ago that—with an Imperatrix and two Imperatrixes-in-Training, versus one single Consort—our house would be full of girly things. Boxes of various things in the bathroom, laundry baskets overflowing with elasticized things, and lots of other things I'm sure just don’t notice as girly. Instead, I typically walk around in a haze of generic living.

Every now and again, however, all of a sudden the blinders of generic living are removed and I notice, in vibrant colors, all of the girly things just sitting out, pretending to be generic, but not succeeding: The drying rack of clean clothes that need to be put away. The things in the bathroom that should be returned to their under-shelf storage space. I'm sure if I grew up in a gender-mixed household, things would have been different. But there were the four of us girls, so my father was even more outnumbered than the Consort is.

Luckily, the Consort grew up with two sisters (although I'm pretty sure his family was much more modest than mine), because I have no idea how I could handle a household of just boys. **shudder**