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03 January 2007

Brain Freeze

I was going to inaugurate the Word Wednesday tag today (appropriately enough), but for the past 24 hours my brain has frozen after reading about the Greater Des Moines Convention and Visitors Bureau's idea to "jazz up" the Iowa caucuses:

The bureau’s film commission wants to attract “A-list” rock stars, comedians and other Hollywood types for what they hope will become a nationally televised show.

No performers have been booked, but organizers say names like Britney Spears and patriotic
[I'd say jingoistic, but that's just me --Ed.] country western star Lee Greenwood are on their early wish list.*

...Britney Spears? ... Country singers? What is this, some sort of Jerry Lewis telethon? It's supposed to be the Iowa caucuses, not breads and circuses!

Good lord. Someone tell me I'm dreaming.

*You can read the original article here or today's update here, The reader comments at the end of the articles definitely make it worth the click. Be warned, though, that now you have to register to see the DM Register online. Just your birth year and zip code, but still.