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26 January 2007

Random Fridayness

Today’s random post will have the theme: Things that make me smile. First, remember when I said I never win anything? Well, that is no longer true. It just so happens I won the last Secret Pal contest, and I received a skein of Lorna’s Laces in Mixed Berry (see it over here to the left?). Thank you to my hostess, Patty, for making SP9 a fun three months. And for breaking my loserly record. The colors are gorgeous (I’m not sure if the camera did it justice). Now, I just have to find a pattern for something that calls for 200 yards of sport weight yarn. (A lacy shawl? A hat? … Suggestions?)

Then, I wanted to show you a postcard that Cate sent me. I’ve told her before that I think she has a gift for finding the right card for people, and this one is fantastic. I love the leftist red background with stars, and that little kid looks like he means business! Thanks for sending a bit of sunshine in the mail, Cate. The Consort liked it so much he’s asked if he can bring the card to work and post it on his door. Now that I’ve got a snapshot of it, I’ll be generous and share it with him.

Next, I wanted to show you what the cat has been up to recently:

He sits for hours in front of this cabinet in the kitchen, looking at it. And do you know why? Because his little fluffball-of-rabbit-fur-stuffed-with-catnip-and-strung-from-an-elastic toy is kept in the second drawer from the top. He’s hoping one of us will finally get the message and take it out to play with him. Humans can be so dense, sometimes.

Lastly, the rabbit. Rabbits are notorious for having a bad sense of the passage of time. Also, they collect little bits of knowledge which get turned into the most amazing mish-mish of factoids. It seems Tamarind has learned about Goya. And, knowing himself to be a hot one with the babes (he has a mental block when it comes to that surgery he had when he was young), he’s decided to practice a pose he’d like Goya to paint. I present you, El Conejo Desnudo:

“Goya’s dead,” I told him.

"Well, so you say, but really, when he sees the way I drape my paw nonchalantly on the rim of my litter box, he’ll agree that I am a masterpiece in waiting! Now, be a doll and refill my hayrack, will ya?”