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11 January 2007

Mail Call

Do you want to know what came in the mail today??!! DO you? Well, I'll tell you -- no! even better, I'll show you.

THIS! This came in the mail today:
cannot believe it.

No, it's not because the Consort is doing something ... shady (I married the man, I trust him). Look at the text:

You've been selected to receive a special student discount...

"Hey," you'll say, "he's not a student, he's a professor." True. But, you see, this spring he's taking a group of students to a Central American country. One that just elected a new (old) president. (Maybe he cleaned the sand from between his toes in the meantime?)

Four years ago, the Consort went along as a chaperone on a learning trip to Guatemala organized by a Spanish-fluent colleague. He thought the class/trip was a great idea. Two years ago, he organized a trip to Guatemala. Although he, as the lead professor, didn't speak a lick of Spanish (he took French in high school and college), his assistant chaperone (me), spoke enough for the both of us plus our 17 charges. (Well, and the professional guide and translator, but really, I was quite helpful.)

By now, the trips have gotten popular, so another prof is going along as chaperone (rats!) rather than me. So this fall the Consort took a Spanish class through his University. I think he did swimmingly.

Since then, we've been getting junk mail addressed to "The Parents of Consort" about life insurance for our student, special study guides for our student, ... things like that.

WELL, today's mail seems to confirm that the University also sells its student list to PLAYBOY MAGAZINE!

I am shocked! Shocked, I tell you!

I think a visit to the President's office is in order ('cause I'm on face-recognition basis with the head honcho [every time he sees me, he knows I belong to one of his people, but ... which one?]). On second thought, maybe I'll call his wife, instead!