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15 January 2007


I just found out that a gift we ordered back in September (September!) never made it where it was supposed to go.

Because it was done on the Consort’s laptop, I’ll have to wait until he comes home to try to sort this out.

I feel terrible (mostly for the person who was supposed to get the gift, also a bit for me, who looks like a cold callous non-gift-sending aunt), but I guess it’s one of the potential snafus of buying things online.

Readers, promise me that if I said I’d send something to you, and you haven’t received it within 2 weeks of my saying so, you’ll LET ME KNOW! It’s much easier to get angry at the Big Female Warrior and get results if we’re not talking 5 months previous.

And poor kid: This would be the second time his birthday gift from us hasn’t come in a timely manner.