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05 January 2007

"The Dog Ate My Homework..."

I rationalized not posting photos of my December crafting because they were Christmas gifts. "I'll post all the photos in January," I thought to myself.

Except that the only things I took photos of were the flannel pillowcases I made for Impera and Trixie...

(Pattern found on Anita's blog Rhubarb Patch. These were fun and easy to make, and quick, too! The girls love them, and have been using the pillowcases since they got them.)

...and the apron I made for Cowgirl (since she was the sister I didn't see at Christmas and so I mailed her family's gifts early)

Foolishly, I did not take pictures of Sis #2's apron or Three of Four's apron. I also forgot to take a picture of the hat I knit for Three of Four's birthday. So, sisters, if you are reading this, and it isn't too much of a bother, can you send me a pic of the stuff? (You can cut off your head just as easily as I cut Impera's off, and maybe the Hobbit or the Princess wouldn't mind modeling the hat? I'd be happy to post your faces as well, seeing as you're both gorgeous women...)