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02 August 2006

Things I’ve Learned On the Current Project

  • Section 203(b)(5) of the US Immigration and Nationality Act provides permanent residency status for immigrants who invest $1 million in the US economy.

  • In France, employers using illegal immigrants can be penalized up to 1,000 times the minimum wage (it’s not clear if they mean this in a monthly or a yearly sum; I’m querying this). In the US, the maximum fine is $10,000 (the paper implies this is much lower than the French penalty).

  • Germany spends about five times more per worker than the US to prevent the employment of illegal foreign workers.

  • Germany has about 1,500 labor-market inspectors for a labor market with about 40 million workers. In 1994, the US had 245 INS worksite inspectors and 900 Dept. of Labor inspectors for about 130 million workers.

  • In France and Germany, inspectors can inspect any site without prior notification. In the US they must give three days prior notice.

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