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27 August 2006

Sunday Evening Epiphany

So here it is Sunday evening. The girls are out, the Consort is out, I'm here web surfing and streaming Radio Paradise. For the past 5 minutes, they've been playing "I Want You (She's So Heavy)" by the Beatles.

Can I just say?

If I were the parent of a teenager in 1969, and my teenager had just spent good money on Abbey Road and was blasting this song from their stereo? After about 5 minutes I'd probably be saying:

"What the heck did you waste your money on this album for? Seven minutes of the same two lines, the same guitar riff?! (Not that I'd know it was called a riff, being a parent in 1969, but hey, give me some slack.) Turn that crap off. Now.

I said NOW, young lady!

You turn it off, or--so help me God--I will come in there and cut the damn cord!"

I'm just sayin'. There are some very good songs on that album. But this one? It ain't one of 'em. Eh-- excuse me--

"...Alright missy, you asked for it! I'm coming in! And you can just kiss that new velvet jacket I promised to buy you goodbye, too!"