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22 August 2006

Bullets Over the Heartland

I can’t seem to get out of this blogging funk! Today, I will steal shamelessly from KathyR and give you a bulleted list:

  • The girls start school on Thursday, the Consort on Monday. I am not sad at all. (Hey, I’ll still see them in the evenings, y’know?)

  • After three weeks visiting the chiroproactor, I still feel some popping in my elbow when I knit. But I’ve got some hip-happenin’ excercises to do three times a day. (Woo-hoo! … ?)

  • I cycle through periods of trying to be good about taking iron pills. This lasts about 5 days (if I’m lucky), then I forget. Soon I’m on the Slippery Slope Express nontop train to Anemia.

  • Could the popping of the elbow be because, try as I might, the exercises are on the same tranportation line as the iron pills and have paid the fare on the Local Bus to Unadjustedville?

  • The project I’m working on desultorily today is so fricking boring that I check my email every 10 minutes. And then I check Sitemeter. But of course, I haven’t written a post, so people aren’t visiting.

  • I am solving this problem not, as one would think, by locking out my Mail program, but by writing a post. (So that people will visit.) (And maybe leave comments.) (And save me from this dull article.)

  • Oh, and hey -- this is my 200th post. (How pathetic it is.)