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08 August 2006

FOs and WIPs

I just finished project #2 of 3 (but I got another one in, so really it's become #2 of 4), and I cna't think of anything witty to say, so here are, for my Secret Pal, pics of what I've been up to lately: (damn Blogger and its photo upload crapola.)

FO #1: Cabled hat

Model: Impera. My first cable project, done with Lamb's Pride Tiger Lily, yarn and cable needle thanks to my secret pal. Cables are fun, I will definitely incorporate them in projects from now on.

FO #2: Textured dishcloth

Model: Trixie. I used the variegated cotton my secret pal sent me, along with some green I had left over from a top I made for Impera last spring (and that she no longer can wear because sh'e grown TOO DAMN FAST). "Who is this for?" Impera asked me as I was making it. "I don't know, I was thinking maybe making sets for christmas gifts, but your father isn't sure that's a good idea." "Maybe you can just give it to US!" suggested Trixie.

WIP #1: Socks for Impera

Model: Impera. Made of Sockotta sock yarn (I don't like cotton as much as wool for socks, I'm finding).

WIP #2: Jaywalker socks for me

Model: Trixie. Opal Grab bag sock yarn. I don't think you can see the Jaywalker pattern very well through the red giraffe pattern of the yarn (BTW, I love the red giraffe!). I'll show a better pic when they become a FO.

What I'd rather be working on right now: this or this. I've got the yarn and patterns. I just have to complete those two pairs of socks first.