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10 November 2006

The State of My Glass, with Rebuttal by the Consort

Boy I hate it when work gets in the way of blogging! (And, dare I say, NaNoWriting. I’m still under 3,000 words. Impera, who is participating with her class, is way ahead of me. Sheesh!) I’ve been extremely productive these past two days, and I need to put in probably about 5 more days like that. But—whew!—man, hard work takes a toll on my lifestyle.

So, *sigh*, yeah, there were elections on Tuesday, and, hey, that was a surprise, wasn’t it? I didn’t really think to blog about it much because others do such a better job, and, to tell the truth, my glass-half-empty mentality has kicked in big time. We have a majority in both House and Senate! (But 51 to 49? There ain’t a lot of power there, my friends.) (And that will mean the Dems have two years to look inefficient and really piss people off, so that they’ll vote Republican in 2008. [I wonder if that’s why Allen conceded Virginia so quickly?]) There’s gonna be some serious change in the first 100 hours! Pelosi said so! (Yeah, but like I said to karan last night, no talk of the environment, despite the research that just came out last week about the next 50 years = end of earth as we know it. [OK, I’m exaggerating. A bit.]) If the planet implodes, it doesn’t really matter who’s in charge of committees, dammit.

The past six years have been bad for the country, on so many levels. And my immediate reaction to the wins was happy in a “Hah. Screw THEM!” sort of way. That showed me how partisan I’ve gotten. How partisan we’ve all gotten. I blame Republicans (surprise, surprise). Starting Back with Gingrich and his nastiness, all the way to the present administration. (Man, they impeached Clinton for lying about having consensual sex with one woman. The consequences of his actions? A dirty dress. But now Dems want to play all nice and aren’t thinking of impeaching a man for lying to the people of this country about the reasons for going to war. The consequences of his actions? 2,850 soldiers dead; 20,887 wounded. Radical Islam on the rise around the world [in the UK!]. Civil war in Iraq. Instability in the region… Should I go on?)

You want more good news tempered with bad news? Democrats won the House. In part because people like Jim Leach (IA Republican) got ousted. But Leach was one of the few Repubs who voted AGAINST the war. Democrats won the Senate. In part because people like Lincoln Chafee (RI Republican) got ousted. But Chafee was a thoughtful guy. A MODERATE. And today he sank any hopes the administration had of getting Bolton confirmed as UN ambassador during the lame duck session: “The American people have spoken out against the president's agenda on a number of fronts, and presumably one of those is on foreign policy. And at this late stage in my term, I'm not going to endorse something the American people have spoken out against.” (Entire article at NYT.) *Sigh*. *Double sigh*.

Man, I need some chocolate. (Anybody got some organic choc on them?)

I have this very funny post in gothic style rattling around in my head. But this came out instead. Maybe I’ll get it out this weekend. Right now, I’ve got to get enthused about shareholder agreements, regulatory instruments, and speculative investment attacks. (Is it any wonder I’m glass-half-empty right now?)

But I leave you with a final comment from the Consort: