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13 November 2006

Something I Like

Currently, my personality is being held hostage by a group called The Emotional Flux. I don't know what they want. They usually come and wreak havoc for a day or two, but they aren't consistent, and they haven't been here for a while, and really, in re-reading my post from late last week, I think they've been hiding in the shadows for a while.

Seeing the pile of papers on my desk and the DUE DATES on the calendar, I have not much to entertain you with anyway, as Duty calls.

But I did want to mention that one thing that makes me happy is hearing both girls practicing their clarinet and violin at the same time, but separately. Then it feels like I'm living in a conservatory of music, the practice rooms buzzing with activity, and I can let the musics wash over me.

Pretty cool.