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30 November 2006

The End of a Rough Month

Warning: If siblings follow links, they may catch a glimpse of things they may not want to see just yet.

You’re adults. Consider yourselves warned.

November was not a good month. Although I had great plans (that Christmas Goal thing and NaNoWriMo), after about the 7th I was swamped with work, so I had to put any “me time” activities aside. The Emotional Flux hung out for a while, and that was unexpected. Then, I got the Thanksgiving sinus infection, and although I have been treated with this antibiotic before, this time it has hit my body hard. Above and beyond the typical antibiotic side effects, I’ve had a headache every day since I started the pills. Luckily it is tamed with ibuprofen, but I’ve never had to take painkillers for over a week before.

December is already looking up, though. First, I turned Impera’s writing teacher on to NaNoWriMo, and not only did she get her classes to participate, but she actually made the 50,000-word goal (so I wrote vicariously through a 7th grade teacher). Rock on, Ms. G!

Then, yesterday I put the last big project of November in the mail. So today I rewarded myself by not doing any editing. Instead, I went fabric shopping.