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25 November 2006

Secret Pal Strikes Again!

We received another package from my Secret Pal; this one was full of Christmas-wrapped gifts! I say "we" because not only were there Tim Tams, which I am duty-bound to share, but there was a wrapped gift for each girl and for the Consort, too:

Three kinds of Tim Tams, plus little Tim Tam balls. Each of us received a bear ornament -- very cute! (This reminds me, we'll probably have to get a tree soon seeing as we'll be trekking across 1,000 miles to spend Christmas on the East Coast...) And, to round it out, some very soft Australian wool in lavender with gray flecks. Oh! I forgot to take a picture of the book. It's called Colours of the Country: Celebrating ten years of the Alice Springs Beanie Festival. Gorgeous knit and crochet hats with amazing colors (that's how I spell it, you see). There are patterns in the back of the book, and--golly gee--the yarn I received in the package is the same kind that's called for in the patterns ;-)

Thank you Secret Pal, We all love the package and all its goodies!