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03 November 2006

The Me in Today

I offer you a slice of my day, in the style of the Reference list I worked on today:

Clean, I. M. I didn't shower today. Cleanliness 32(10):735-757.
Perk, Ienjoy. I spent the day in sweatpants and sweater. Good Freelancing 29:1276-1281.
Going-Crazy, Slowly. To take a break, I made some bread. In: Proceedings of the Leftover Oatmeal Society, pages 107-112. Limerick, November.
Ercisor, X. I also walked the dog. Your Pet and You 13:889-922.
Hatted, U. R. and Gloved, T. O. O. It was warmer out than I expected. Understanding (Or Not) Meteorologists, chapter 7. New York: Academic Press.
Howbuzy, Wasi. Because of the work on my desk, I didn't have time to visit my Must-Read blogs. Bummer 77:54632-54639.
Whiner, Sheeza. Let alone the ones I go to for fun. In: Fun? What's that?: A Complainer’s Primer, edited by P. D. Q. Attentionloss. Cambridge, MIT Press.
Listmaker, Profeshun L. This weekend I must: Work on NaNoWriMo, work on my knitting, and TAKE IT EASY. Doing it All Quarterly 9:88-101.

Yes. It was in single-spaced 6-pt font. You betcha there’s going to be extra charges. If I lose my eyesight, I’m out of a career!