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11 November 2006

Secret Pal Contest #2

The hostess for our group is holding a second contest this month. If I post a photo of some knitted washcloths that I made, I might win some yarn. (You can insert here my previous little comment about liking to win things.) I made a bunch of baby feet washcloths for Cowgirl's second baby. This little boy has two sets of doting grandparents, a set of doting parents, an older brother who has outgrown lots of cool stuff, and they live in the furnace that is known as Texas.

So what use would a knitted anything be for this baby? I'll tell you: if it's got wool in it, not a heck of a lot. But cotton washcloths, hey, those are always useful, right? In making this project I learned how to make bobbles (I don't know if you can tell from the pics, but the toes are mini bobbles). I sometimes think bobbles are over-used in knitting. A toddler dress decorated with cables and bobbles? A sweater adorned with random bobbles? Not for me. But baby toes? Now that's a fine use of bobbles.