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27 November 2006

Craft Post, In Which I Remember the Good Old Days

Receiving a package from my Secret Pal reminded me that part of the deal of the exchange is not only blogging on a regular basis and thanking the sender when you receive a gift, but to post about crafting (mainly knitting or crocheting, of course). Secret Pal and Hostess, I have been remiss. But that's because I am stuck. This is a picture of the Emma Jacket. Here's a joke for you: When I ordered the yarn in the first week of October I thought to myself, "I'll have this done in 3 weeks so I can still wear it this Fall." Hah! First, it was very dull, knitting in stockinette and increasing every now and again. Then, I had two sleeves to knit. Again, dull, dull, dull. Now, I am ready to cut the steeks and add the lapel, but I cannot figure out what the directions say. I should go to a local yarn shop (LYS) and have someone explain. But (1) I haven't had much time recently, (2) one of the two LYSs is owned by a man who knows nothing about knitting, he just figured this was a cool shop idea; so if one of his assistants isn't in, I'm s-o-o-l, (3) the holidays are upon us and I have gifts to make! And I haven't even started yet! (Family: don't worry, it won't be knitting this year).

Remember the red socks I started in July? Not done. (I'll update with link later; this is actually a 15-min work break here.) My blue lace socks took forever, too. Some harlots who will remain nameless knit a sock a day. Heaven help me. I haven't been able to finish much at all lately.

And that is why (Patty my SP hostess, ignore the next few words!) I am cheating right now. I went and pulled Jennifer (brunette) and Rebecca (blonde) from the Animal Park and asked them to take a look at the Emma Jacket. I made these Waldorf dolls for Impera and Trixie about 7 years ago. They received the doll-making kit on Christmas morning, and by New Year's Eve both dolls were finished, and they each had a dress (with bloomers, that the little hussies have supposedly "lost") and a flannel coat. I did that in 6 days. Six days, people. But at least I am posting about crafting. And you all can ooh and aah about my 7-year-old doll-making skills.

Where did my "oomph" go? I don't know. But I sure wish I could find it!