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01 November 2006

Score! (Update!)

Remember in July, when I waxed poetic about vintners with a sense of humor? And how a few days later I told you that the folks at Jest wine offered to send me a few bottles in appreciation?

Well, they never came. I figured it was my own hubris, talking about the gift as if it had already arrived, that made it a no-show. But, last week, considering three months a suitable amount of time to wait, I emailed them a "...Hello?" And guess what arrived today?

Mmm mmmm! And just in the nick of time, too! Because, as you probably heard today, "Researchers at the Harvard Medical School and the National Institute on Aging report that a natural substance found in red wine, known as resveratrol, offsets the bad effects of a high-calorie diet in mice and significantly extends their lifespan."* Woo hoo! Who needs a 6-week portion restructuring? Jes' gimme some wine!

Oh, and considering this was Day 1 of NaNoWriMo, I guess I should give you that score as well. 893 words. Pffffft. Remember, my goal is 2,500 words per weekday. So this is bad. Well, it's good if I had 50 days to do this thing. But I only have 21. But I have an excuse! Four (yep, count'em--4) projects came in yesterday, and that means NaNoWriMo should have happened in October. Or February. But not now. Plus -- I had packages to mail at the post office (long lines), books and CDs to pick up at the library (they don't open until 10 am), and this morning I helped turn Impera into a mini-lawyer for the Middle School Mock Trial competition, which started at 9:30 (and all that seriously cut into my morning-which-is-always-my-most-productive-part-of-the-day time).
Holy crap! Their team made it to the top 5 and continues in the playoffs tomorrow!

*And let us all discount the previous day's article, on how serious calorie restriction leads to longer life, as patent hogwash. Because they didn't get published in Nature. So there.