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01 May 2006

Visit Recap

We had a Munchkin and a Sweet Pea visit us this weekend, and we had lots of fun playing with the elder and getting to know the younger. Much cuteness abounded.

But we felt very bad that we did practically nothing. We were able to go for a walk on Friday morning, but Sweet Pea had a cold, and the weather was rainy, rainy, and more rainy, so Sweet Pea’s mom didn’t want her out. (Plus, when southern folks come to the wild north they often don’t realize that we are several degrees colder than their balmy land [And put their faith in weather.com. I only put my faith in NOAA {that’s “Noah”, and NOAA knows from rainy weather!}]).

The Munchkin did come out in the pouring rain on Saturday morning with her dad and helped the Consort and I man the water station for a half-marathon that passed through our neighborhood. (Yeah, we all laughed at the silly athletes running in the rain, but after an hour of standing in the rain, we realized we were the silly ones: at least the runners stayed warm!)

Anyway, we four of the realm enjoyed the visit (now we know how to do the toddler tap move “Squash the Bug”!), and we hope this experience didn’t turn out to be a very expensive dud for our cool and hip urban relatives.