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26 May 2006

2nd Friday Post: Update

Here's the scoop:

Our cable connection is dead. The MediaCom guy came, he said it worked fine. It waited until he was gone, then cut out on us again. We are sick to death of this, so the Consort called a buddy of his that does something DSL-ish, and they'll be switching us to DSL sometime soon (next week I hope?).

Anyway, the kitchen guys were at our house yesterday and today (so I couldn't go out, and I couldn't get online). I don't like these two (they giggle when I leave the room; I don't like men who giggle). But their work is fine. The cabinets look really good!

The counter man is coming to measure this afternoon, so we should have a counter on Tuesday (Monday being a holiday). The drywaller will be building out the existing soffit on one side of hte kitchen on Monday (self-employed folks and university profs don't often take those federal holidays, as I know so well). The Consort would like us to put in the new kitchen floor this weekend. I need to paint the fireplace wall. And some of the living room trim. We need to reinstall a new door mirror in the living room. We may restain the dining room floor. We need to get rid of all the dust.

Trixie's dance recital is tonight.

So, I may not be able to post reliably. But I am posting. So don't give up on me, readers!