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18 May 2006

I Am Alive

No, I am not dead (although my body would disagree). And, hey, it's only been two days, right? But this week I have been painting the living room (17 x 17 ft) and the dining room (14 x 14 ft). The rooms were Bright Yellow and dark Apothecary Green, respectively, so I have had to do one coat of primer (to block the original color) and two coats of new color (Classic Taupe and Aztec Brick [aka terracotta], again, respectively). Three coats per room, people! (Actually, I still have one coat of Aztec Brick to do).

As I did all this painting, I listened to NPR. So I have:

  • Heard Seamus Heaney recite his poetry
  • Heard astronauts chatter ebulliently on the moon (you should listen, it's pretty cute)
  • Heard a recording of WB Yeats reciting one of his poems (he sounds like Gandalf!)
  • Heard about the new digging for Jimmy Hoffa's body
  • Heard Nicholas Kristof tell harrowing tales of his visits to Darfur