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05 May 2006


Did you know that there is a problem when someone wants to take you out to lunch?

Oh, yes, there is.

See, when someone comes to visit you, and they are "on vacation" while you and yours are still in "school mode", then, whereas you wake up at 6:30 and have your bowl of cereal right away (because if you don't, then watch out!), they don't wake up until 8. And chat on their cell phone for a while. And then they take their shower, get dressed, and read the paper. By 9:30 you insist they have something to eat (I am a firm disbeliever in losing weight by skipping meals).

By 11:45, you start thinking about lunch. But they don't (it's only been 2 hours since breakfast, right?). So you know you're going to have to wait until that ungodly hour of 1, or even 1:30, before lunch is had.

And as you try to focus on work, or chatting, or anything, you realize that yes, there is a problem when someone wants to take you out to lunch.