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10 May 2006

The Sickness Unto Death

So. Some thought I was exaggerating. Well, if you consider being unable to sleep because of intense tooth pressure on one side, and excrutiating ear pressure on the other exaggerating, then yes, I suppose I was exaggerating. I wasn't able to sleep soundly for four nights.

Others offered sympathy. And I thank you. When I went to submit the first prescription, and they told me there'd be a one-hour wait, I cried. It really was that bad. I'd have watched one of the black & white movies you suggested, but I couldn't concentrate for more than 15 minutes.

It was very very terrible.

Luckily, my mother, who was visiting, was OK with that. She took the girls to a movie, kept them company all weekend, and wasn't a burden. Only, every day she asked me if I wanted to go to grab a coffee at the local coffee shop (I don't think she understood how bad the pain was).

Anyway, I'm climbing out from under the work I postponed over the two almost-back-to-back family visits and the sinus infection, so I hope to be back on the blogging track tomorrow.

I'm still congested, though. And I can't hear well out of my right ear. And I have lost a measure of energy. And the ringing in the ears ... it just won't stop. Sheesh.