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12 May 2006

Let's Hear It for Music Teachers Everywhere

You have to respect music teachers. Well, we really ought to respect all teachers, but music teachers have to travel. In our district, music instruction is offered from 4th grade onwards, and in order for music teachers to earn their keep, they have to travel to several schools throughout the week (between 5 and 8; so many of them have to cover more than one school per day).

Trixie, being in 4th grade, chose the clarinet this year. She's been doing very well, if I do say so myself. Now, the music teachers in this part of the city run a 5th grade band every year (but Trixie's teacher invites the 4th graders to participate). Practices were once a week after school. These teachers were able to get 70 -- that's right, seventy! -- 4th and 5th graders to play five pieces, pretty much all in tempo. Look at them all:

The kids had a ball. It's a great experience. And these teachers don't have a home base, they don't have a permanent desk anywhere; they just love the music. They do deserve our appreciation and our respect. So go give a music teacher a pat on the back, and say "thanks".

The concert was fun. The kids played the ubiquitous Queen medley (Another One Bites the Dust + We Will Rock You). It's funny because I don't think any of the musicians had heard the original, so although they enjoyed the foot stomping and the hand clapping, there wasn't as much oomph! to that piece as to the rip-roarin' March they performed, or the Latin-rhythm piece. I think I'll see if I can borrow a Queen CD from the library, so Trixie can get a sense of the greatness that was Freddie Mercury.