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11 May 2006

Earth Day Should be Every Day

You know the saying, "Buy local"? Well, there's a group at Iowa State University, called the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture, and they've been doing all sorts of research that bears this saying out (surprise, surprise).

Sierra Club magazine did a short piece on the fuel impact of different foods. It's pretty interesting, and they use pictures, so anybody can figure it out.

And since I'm on a roll of preaching to the converted (mostly), you might want to check out the trailer for a new Al Gore movie (yes, Al Gore; meaning he's in the movie, not that he's director or anything). If you have QuickTime (and who doesn't?) you can view the trailer. The movie's called An Inconvenient Truth.

I still don't agree with the economists who urge the conservative position that we'd waste money trying to fix the problem (global warming) before it's a problem. But that's just me, a "stitch in time saves nine" kinda gal.