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15 December 2006

Cookie Party!

Ummm, remember when I said that we were making fewer kinds of cookies this year, rather than the typical 15 or so? I think I may have underestimated how many we usually make, because these are just our favorite kinds—I can name at least 10 more types we have made in the past—and we’re already at 14! And I know it doesn’t look like so many, here on this lovely plate (yes, I set up the shot on top of the bunny cage. Shut, up, it was the brightest window in the house!), keep in mind that we have several dozen of each kind. Would you like:
Fruitcake, meringue mushrooms, coconut sticks, pecan toffee, jelly stars, angel eyes (these cookies were impetus for Trixie’s currant jelly), Christmas wreaths (tacky in so many ways, but a must-make!), mocha balls, spritz cookies, gingerbread cookies, mini-cheesecakes (these have cranberry topping; the lemon curd topping ones are still cooling in the kitchen), chocolate biscotti, or anise thorn cookies?