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13 December 2006

My Unsupportive Role

Behind every successful man, there is a woman.

Sure, we've all heard that. But in our case, last night I was an unsupportive, unhappy woman. The Consort has had meetings all month. This week, it actually is every darn night except Friday. Last week, he had to attend a city meeting instead of watching his daughter perform in the school holiday concert.

Now, add to this the fact that we are having our cookie party on Friday night. This year, instead of us making 15 different kinds of cookies, we're asking everyone to bring some cookies to share, and we're only making our favorites. This was a compromise. Because the cookie party brings out all sorts of stress for me.

So, back to last night: While I was cooking dinner, I snapped. "Remind me next year to nix the cookie party if you aren't going to be around any night the week before." —People, we are on track for the party. We aren't stressed. I was just being unfair and cranky. These things happen sometimes (the crankiness, that is). It was just the idea of him out there soothing neighborhood and city ills while we three sit at home without him.

The Consort and I, we make a good team. When he's in an expansive mood, I caution restraint. When I want to buy, buy, buy, he says wait, wait, wait. When I get in one of my moods, he usually knows exactly what to say to smooth things over, or at least to help me see reason.

He had a perfect comeback last night. It went something like this: "Remind me next year to nix the cookie party if it happens the week before your—"

Because we are such a good team, and because he can read situations clearly, he didn't actually speak his perfect comeback right then. He waited until later, when I had gotten the crankiness out of my system.

And that's why he's a very very smart man.