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17 December 2006

Sunday Frustrations

The cookie party was a blast. Unfortunately, people didn't take home half as many cookies as they should have, so our menu this weekend has consisted of: eat something healthy (an apple), then eat some cookies; repeat. More unfortunately, Trixie seems to have come down with a nasty 24-hour stomach bug. She was up the latter half of the night Friday to Saturday, and was able to keep nothing down all day yesterday except some water. I think we're over the worst of it, and I hope no one else succumbs (especially as we're leaving on our 16-hour drive to DC on Wednesday!) But, you came here to read of my frustrations, didn't you?

Frustration #1: This morning seemed the perfect time to finally do the switch to Blogger Beta. Not because I'm excited about it, but because I haven't been able to leave comments on the blogs of folks who have made the switch (Steg? Katharine?). I'm still not sure I'll stay on Blogger (are you reading this, Bloggerpeople?), and I have read one horror story of a person not being able to access their blog once the swtich was made, and, in the end, it seems, I was worrying for no reason because when I logged on this morning, the invitation to switch had mysteriously disappeared from my Dashboard. Rickin frickin. Sunday is a much better day to switch than a weekday. Sheesh. So if you are reading this, and you are thinking "I'm gonna stop visiting her site, she's not commenting at my site anymore!" If you've made the Beta switch, please give me a little more time! it's their fault, not antisocialness on my part!

Frustration #2: Last week I read at NYT that an online geography competition had been created, pitting the US vs. the UK (traditionally, two of the lower scoring countries on international geography tests). "Sounds like fun!" I thought to myself. On Thursday, the site was down because the article had driven so many people to the site that the server couldn't handle it. They promised more bandwidth within 24 hours; I was busy on Friday (wonder why?) so I decided to try it out yesterday. When I clicked on the "Register for Team USA" button, I was sent to this screen:

Sorry, we don't offer this challenge outside of the US and the UK, as yet. Please check back in the future for any changes to this policy.
We apologize for any inconvenience.

And this is why Team USA will lose the Geography Cup, folks. Because they don't think Iowa is part of the United States!