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30 December 2006

Back Home

Hello hello! I hope you all had a good Christmas? We had a great time staying with my sisters and their families. I’m sorry I didn’t blog from afar; it seems that we Midwesterners are actually way more connected than folks in Washington DC. Neither sister had wifi (although one has a neighbor with a server called “default” that wasn’t password-protected—how scary is that?).

Some things I learned during my vacation:

  • There seems to be a code regulation in Northern Virginia that all downstairs bathrooms must have a leaky toilet. I don’t know, maybe something to keep the water running fresh?

  • Many of you blogged about your family’s traditional Christmas fare. In my family, Christmas Eve is celebrated with a cheese fondue. I’ve always thought that the kirsch one has to add to the fondue and has to down a shot of at the coup de mi-temps (half-time; that is, halfway through the meal) was a torment designed to burn out one’s throat. This year, I learned that good kirsch is smoooooth. And oh-so-goooooood. Mmmmmmmm.

  • We burned a hole in my sister’s tablecloth because the gel Sterno kind of oozed out of the can and started to burn everywhere. (My fondue pot has the older style burner, which uses liquid Sterno. I like mine much better.)

  • I can put aside that worry I have from time to time that the Consort and I are on the road to overindulging in alcoholic beverages. We are drinking wimps.

  • Sleeping in a room with a log burning in the fireplace is romantic.

  • I never felt more welcome anywhere than when I was hanging out with four- and five-year-old nephews and nieces (which was most of the time during this trip. Everybody’s got them). These kids are cool. They are so kind. And EXCITED. And boy, do they know a lot of Christmas songs.

  • My brothers-in-law are really great dads. It was nice to hang out with them for a while and see them in action.

  • I am going to purge my diet of cheese and dairy for a while (maybe all of January?).

  • Truck testicles are the most tasteless car accessory I have ever seen. Unfortunately (for me), many people who think these are cool happen to drive across the country on Interstate 80.