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11 December 2006

Knowing My Limits

I was turned on to quilting by a friend of mine in California, back before I had Impera. This friend was amazingly creative, and she would pick out some beautiful fabric, and compose a free-hand quilt just like that, *snap*. I’d tag along on some of her quilt-shop runs, and I’d walk up and down the aisles, running my hand along all the different fabrics, basking in the eye candy before such a word even existed. One time, I felt the urge and I bought one of those fabric packs that quilt shops wisely put together, figuring that the shape of the pack, as well as the rich color combinations, would call to innocent browsers, who would quickly think, “I need this!” and buy it. Look at this:

I took these pictures this morning. So, you see that in 12 years, I have yet to do anything with this impulse buy. (I argue that the roll is a piece of art, in itself. Taking it apart would be a desecration. Sort of like writing in a fresh notebook of creamy thick paper.)

Clearly, I shouldn’t make impulse fabric buys. And I don’t. But when I find things like this, at a place like Superbuzzy:

I find it tempting, nonetheless.