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06 December 2006

Six Weird Things About Me

Ally tagged me for this meme, and I promised I’d do it today (although I thought I’d get to it earlier than 10:45 p.m.!), so here you are:

1.) I have a powerful memory. You’d think that was a good thing (and it is for my line of work), but it keeps getting me into trouble. You see, I can’t ever do the “ forget” in the “forgive and forget” thing. So when others have completely forgotten about a snub, a rude comment, or a cold shoulder, there I am in the corner, seething. It works against me myself, too. I’ll be puttering around, doing something random, when I’ll suddenly remember a moment I said or did something stupid. *Siiiiigh*, I’ll say. “What are you remembering now?” the Consort will ask. (We’ve been together a long time, you see.)

2.) My favorite treat is chocolate sandwiches. I think this must be a Belgian thing. My favorite way to eat chocolate is to spread some butter (not margarine – yuck) on a slice of bread, fold it up, and take a bite of the bread, then a bite of the line of chocolate. The Consort thinks this is the weirdest way to eat chocolate (but then, he’s not much of a chocolate fan).

3.) I talk to myself. A lot. I also respond out loud to the radio. I don’t mean shout at it (although I do that sometimes, too), but more along the lines of, “Well, I don’t agree that the administration really thought that through, you know…” (And don’t ask me who “you” is. I have no idea.)

4.) Summer or winter, I sleep in my skin. Well, on super cold nights I might wear socks. And a hat. Otherwise, whatever I wear bunches up and makes an uncomfortable lump.

5.) Like Stegbeetle (who’s already completed his 6 things), there is always music on. I’m loving internet radio, because I can listen to great stuff of whatever style I’m in the mood for, wherever I am. In the car, I am an avid station-changer. I’ll keep flipping around to get away from boring songs or commercials. True, this means that I never hear a song in its entirety, but it’s way better than the alternative.

6.) When I was a kid, we went to church every Sunday, and sat in our regular spot (3rd or 4th row on the left). I had no doubts about the trueness of our religion (Roman Catholicism), because the angels made their presence known every week. See, when the priest concecrates the bread and wine, he speaks the story of the last supper, says “Do this in memory of me”, lifts the plate or chalice up above his head, then does an up-down kneeling. Well, when the plate or chalice was raised up, the angels’ bells would ring in response. It was the coolest thing. But then when my mother was in the hospital having Three of Four, we went with our babysitter’s family, who typically sat on the right side of the church. The side of the altar boy in charge of ringing the bells when the host/wine was raised. I was incredibly bummed out when I realized that it wasn't the angels, it was James Henry. The distress of this moment probably led to my disillusionment with organized religion as I grew up.

I would tag folks, but many people who haven’t yet been tagged are busy or out traveling right now, so if anyone who reads this is interested, please share six weird things about yourself and let us know so we can take a peek!