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30 June 2006

Last Day of June

...So here's a last Red Foods of June picture:

For some reason, Trixie got very excited about making red currant jelly. So the Consort and I went out with her to pick red currants off our bushes, then she and I stemmed them, boiled them to make juice, then boiled the juice again with sugar to make jelly. (Next time I will add sage leaves. The recipe called for it, but neither the Consort nor Trixie thought it was a good idea.)

She helped make the jelly (except for about 7 minutes during the boiling phase when the Consort's game of Warcraft seemed more interesting than watching sugary syrup bubble and boil). But she came right back to help fill the jars (she held the funnel).

Today, after a 4-H meeting, I promised the girls we would bike down to our local yarn shop. Impera has gotten very excited about making herself a scarf and hat out of this ultra-soft yarn she noticed there. And Trixie has stated she wants to make herself a scarf, then a hat, then a pair of socks. (Could be a case of plans bigger than one's attention span, but who knows?)

Oh, and I got a very nice note from a client of mine, so I'm walking on air! (I really mean to start sending notes to people whose work I appreciate [authors, reporters, etc.] because we none of us get enough encouragement, I think).

That's it for randomness for now.