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23 June 2006

Project Completed. Project Begun.

I’ve finished the socks!

They fit perfectly, and I’m very pleased with them. Lace isn’t as hard as I feared. After I began them, I read about how variegated yarns have a tendency to hide the lace effect, and now that I’m done, I have to agree. You can’t really see the lace with the colors swirling.

Hmmm. I have a ball of Sockotta sock yarn that is a very fun mix of colors, so I guess I should do it in a stockinette (i.e., plain) stitch. But I wonder if that might not bore me to death? I’ll have to report back. But later, because I’ve got a different project on my needles.

See, the reason I got the burst of energy needed to finish these socks was because I had received the package from my Secret Pal. As you remember, it included a cabled hat project, with yarn. Look at this, I’m already halfway done with the cabled band. And cable is fun! It’s a breeze, really. When I did the swatch (for all my non-knitter readers, that’s to make sure that if you follow the directions, you won’t get a result fit for an ogre or for a wee little elf), there was no way I could get 4 inches from 28 rows with the recommended size 8 needles, I was getting more like 6 inches or more. So I am knitting this with size 6 needles; and this is very strange for me because I am usually a tight knitter, so I am often on gauge or below it. I’m not sure if this means that the finished product will be for Impera or Trixie, or if I’ll be able to keep it for myself, as I originally planned. We’ll see.

But, after months of working on size 1’s, working on size 6’s is a snap. (I would have probably finished the band yesterday, but the yarn didn’t come out of the ball easily, so after making half of the band, I had to stop and spend an hour untangling the yarn. Grrrr.