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29 June 2006

Insert Useful Title Here

My blogging is off this week; you don’t need to tell me, I already know. After four weeks of the girls at home, and of the Consort doing “work” from home (yes, he has been very productive, but really, I’m teasing him about bracketing his day with one hour of Warcraft on either end), this relatively anti-social freelancer is getting prickly.

So I’m copping out and offering you a link to the Book of the Zogg. Enjoy.

The funniest part is that I think I remember this Little Golden Book. But I don’t remember being particularly freaked out by the pictures; although seeing it now, I wonder, “What kind of art director thought these were a good idea?!!” (Oh, there they are. I wondered where a few stray exclamation points had gotten to after yesterday’s post.)

[Now, if anyone knows where I could find the Little Golden Book called The Color Bunnies, I’d be ever so grateful. There were these painter bunnies, see, and each two-page spread showed a bucket of color, plus items that were of that color. Its pictures enthralled me as a kid, especially the one at the end when all the buckets of paint swirled together into a rich rich brown. Anybody?]

PS: I remembered something else we learned at the Great Ape Trust yesterday: The male orangutan, Anzi, loves music. So once (before he was at the GAT) Peter Gabriel visited Anzi and they jammed. Lucky devil!