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03 July 2006


US troops suspected of raping Iraq teenager

I can't find the Washington Post article by Ellen Knickmeyer the the DM register reprinted this morning, but as I read it, I became more and more disgusted.

  • Abeer Qasim Hamza was 15/16 years old
  • She was afraid, and so was her family. They knew she had gotten unwated attention from US soldiers at a checkpoint she had to cross every day.
  • The mother told a neighbor she was afraid the soldiers would come for her daughter in the middle of the night.
  • They did come, the very next night.
  • The soldiers separated her from her mother, father, and 7-year-old sister.
  • She was raped.
  • The US soldiers shot the four family members.
  • The US soldiers tried to burn her body (to hide the evidence of rape, I assume)

    These soldiers were not in a fighting frenzy. They deliberately planned and staged a rape/murder. There is no sympathy in my heart for them. None what.so.ever.

    On a larger scale, this incident and last week's discussion of the murder of a civilian because some soldiers couldn't find an insurgent in the area of their search shows, yet again, that this whole Iraq fiasco can not be salvaged. That George Bush and his administration are the worst thing the United States and the world have ever seen in a US administration. And that the US people fucking RE-ELECTED this man.

    For shame.