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04 July 2006

Independence Day

I don't mean to be a skitzophrenic blogger (i.e., angry one day, happy the next), but there isn't anything new to say on the Mahmoudiya case right now -- no! I mean it's such a beautiful day! -- that I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Fourth of July.

We've had a great day. The weather has been perfect (although it's been perfect because there were some severe thunderstorms last night). After pancakes for breakfastr (thank you Consort!), we picked raspberries in the garden, then decided to go on a long bike ride. We packed a picnic lunch and set out. The girls did very well (although it was all downhill on the way to the park and so uphill on the way back).

The neighbors came over to play in the sprinkler, and now all the kids (the girls + the 4 neighbor kids) are drawing with chalk on the sidewalk. I knit outside, then did some weeding with the Consort, then knit some more.

We'll be grilling Boca burgers later this evening, and Impera and I will be preparing lemon-raspberry mousse for dessert.

Hope everyone has enjoyed celebrating a nice summer day (which is pretty much what we did).