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10 July 2006

Summer Camp

We’re a one-kid family this week. Trixie is off to 4-H camp; I drove her out yesterday afternoon. The girls have done Girl Scout camp in the past, and even in the brief time I was out at the camp, I noticed differences:

Girl Scout Camp

girls only


counselors separate

pit toilets

delicious buffet-style meals

4-H Camp


air-conditioned cabins

counselors in cabin

flush toilets

limited choice generic

When she returns from camp, we’ll see how many other differences there are, and whether she liked 4-H camp better than GS camp.

She seemed excited about camp, and introduced herself to one of her cabin-mates right away. Trixie is definitely “cool” about meeting new people, or about going to camp alone. She’s a brave little thing. It’s funny because she always describes herself as being shy, but of the four of us, I’d rate her as the least shy and most confident at meeting new people.

She typed up and printed directions for Impera to take care of her rat, including an example baggie of food portions, plus a description of the best ways to play with the rat. The rat snuck a little note in Trixie’s toiletries bag, wishing her a fun week at camp (you can’t use the words “miss you” “homesick” or “sad” in letters to camp—you don’t want to give the camper any ideas!).

But I already miss her. I hope she’s having a good time…