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21 July 2006

You People Aren't Making My Life Easier

Really, it's my fault. I didn't have to read your comments to Impera and Trixie, but I did. They are revved up to get the magazine online. I was thinking in the next few months. They are thinking in the next few hours.

(Oh, have I mentioned that in the past three days I've gotten three projects sent out to me, which means that I have the same three weeks to do three times three weeks' worth of work?) (And had I noted that in the two weeks prior to this, I haven't had any paying work on my desk, so I got into some pretty slothful websurfing habits, that need to get expunged RIGHT NOW, because of the information in those previous parentheses?) (e: This is Joy #73 of freelancing.)

Add to this mix the visit this morning of Idea Boy and Action Girl, and things were a bit hairy for about 15 minutes. Wait -- you don't know Idea Boy and Action Girl? Well, I think a replay of this morning's episode is about to come on:

It's Idea Boy and Action Girl! Starring the Imperator Consort as Idea Boy (great with the thinking, not so great with the follow-through) and Peaceable Imperatrix as Action Girl (the one who has to pick up the threads and run! run! run!!). In today's episode, Idea Boy joins in on the webzine conversation:

AG: If you two want to get this thing off the ground soon, then maybe you should just start up a Rat and Rabbit blog, where each post is an article. Impera knows how to upload graphics, you guys could add whatever digital shots you want to include, you can cut and paste your articles from Word... that sounds workable.

The girls: Thoughtful silence.

IB: Instead of a blog, maybe this should be hosted from your [Imperatrix's] business website. And maybe they could produce a pdf file to send to subscribers.

The girls: Yes! Yes!

AG: ...but ...but [Visions of three three-week projects due in 21 days, a time period which includes a short camping trip, school registration days, and other such administrivia run through her thought bubble.]

IB: Really, that would be a better learning experience. They would learn how to code in html, how to do layout in a Word template, how to turn the document into a pdf...

AG: I don't have the full version of Acrobat, just the Reader! [Note how that sneaky Action Girl doesn't mention that one can Save As pdf from Word.]

The girls: A real magazine! A real website! Cool!

AG: Will you be helping them with this?

IB: Me? No, I have an article to submit, some data runs to complete for another paper, I've got classes to prepare for. Plus, I'm going to the gym this afternoon. I figured you could do it.* [*Trademark 1994-2006, Idea Boy. all rights reserved]

AG: I think the blog idea is the most reasonable one.

The girls: Thoughtful silence.


Now, I better get back to work.

(Oh, and I'm sure the Consort will want me to add the disclaimer that sometimes, we have to deal with the evil twins of Idea Boy and Action Girl: Idea Girl and Action Boy. But I would like to point out that this is my blog, and he is more than welcome to blog about those other two, if he ever wanted to start his own blog.)