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22 October 2006

WANTED: DeadAlive or Alive

Have you seen this rabbit:DSC00955.JPG

This felon has been identified as the perpetrator of the following crimes: ruthless destruction of property, wanton vandalism, and seducing young women of good repute to aid and abet a wanted criminal. REWARD for any information as to his whereabouts (extra points for finding us a lawyer willing to write a warrant for his arrest).

Evidence #1. A small pile of laundry in the hallway. A mix of Trixie's and mine. What do I find this morning? This:

Evidence #2. The front of the jeans (did I mention these were my favorite pair?) :

Evidence #3. My silver shoes (I definitely suggest clicking on the picture and seeing the larger size: the strap was chewed, the heel was scraped, and a small bit was eaten out of the side front) :