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26 October 2006

Thank You Secret Pal!

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Woo hoo! A package arrived yesterday. My SP had asked me if there was anything Australian that I wanted. Food? Treats? Anything like that? Well, I had heard about Tim Tams, and I have always been curious about vegemite (thanks to Men At Work), so I asked for both of those things. And would you look at the haul of Tim Tams? We've already tried all 3 kinds, and everybody loves them. The girls even made Tim Tam Slams with their milk (they said it worked...). I had vegemite toast for breakfast (the jar came with a stern note from my pal: "spread THINLY" -- reminded me of someone being told, "Now, that's Everclear, so TAKE SMALL SIPS!"). I like it. Very salty, smells beer-y (makes sense, as it's a yeast extract), and pleasantly bitter.

You can also see that I received some Australian wool. I'm not sure the color came out true: it's this beautiful red/blue purply cordovan color. Makes me think of autumn berries. Gorgeous! (I've already put some on needles, maybe I'll show you all tomorrow.)

And in the center, you notice a beautiful green washcloth, knit with tiny, regular stitches (*very* impressive, SP) that is a picture of ... A Reversed Australia! (Forgive me, I set it up wrong; Oh, the geographical shame! I should go around wearing, hmmm, I don't know, a Chartreuse G on my dress, or something.)

Very fun package, SP. Thanks!

PS: I fiddled with those buttons last night. Does the page look any better to anyone?