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24 February 2006

Tying Up Loose Ends

Today I will put a few questions to rest. Maybe not forever, but in case you were wondering:

1) Back in December, I mentioned a project manager at Big Client who had "lost" my invoice, had not replied to my email queries, etc. [Note: There is something I have to change on my blog template so that I can link to older titles. I don't have it done right now, but if you go to the December archives and look for "Trials and Tribulations of a Freelancer, Part I", you'll get it]. I mentioned that I would drop them come January. Well, they beat me to the punch: The journal was transferred to another tyepsetter (nicknamed "Quick and Dirty") in early January. Except that there was another invoice "loss" and they were holding almost $1,000 of my money. I had to go up the food chain, with not much help from the freelance coordinator, and finally, FINALLY, this week I got paid.

2) The podcast idea. Here's a secret: Don't always believe what a company tells you about their product. They may try to stop you from doing what you want to do, but a little doubt will get you a long way. m4p's can find a new life as mp3's. So maybe this weekend I'll play around with getting something together for next week.

3) Yesterday I got hypnotized. It felt very relaxing. I loved it. Cowgirl asked what for, because I don't smoke and I don't have a sex addiction [to which I reply: How do you know?]. Since November I've been "going to see someone." See, I felt like I was always angry. What brought it to my attention was an interaction with an in-law, their implication of blame was totally unfair and misdirected, and I hate unfair. It was just eating at me, so I decided that although for years I had never forgotten anything people had done or said, maybe I should just "let things go." Although at first I didn't think it would do much good ["It sounds to me like you are perhaps depressed" -- No, it seems to me that I am perhaps ANGRY], it's been helping me look at things that need changing. Not earth-shattering, mind you. So one thing I wanted to do was beef up my self-discipline for work [it's time to work...no, let's web-surf...let's finish this reference section...no, let's check if anyone's replied to my post!], food [I don't need seconds...yes, I do...I'm full...but how can one have too much of this homemade tasty food!], and writing [the bane of the perfectionist: it is better to not DO anything than to do something you're very excited about but not do it perfectly].

So there you go. Now I'm off to the library to get the Thievery Corporation CD they are holding for me, and then to send a fax so I can get the name of the first web host I hired off my business domain account. He's been holding a transfer up, and I haven't even done business with him for two years!