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10 February 2006


I love sports competitions that come every 4 years: Olympics, Soccer World Cup. In fact, I was heavily pregnant with the Elder Imperatrix-in-Training when the US hosted the World Cup -- right in our backyard! Someone even offered us tickets to the local stadium game (with the US team, no less!), but that was her due date, and being a first-time parent, I didn't think it was a good idea. She arrived a week late, so, damn! I could have gone.

It's at times like these that I wish for cable television (we're weirdos who only get the standard stations). It sure would be nice to watch an entire event, rather than just (a) highlights of Americans doing really well or (b) highlights of others doing really poorly (Remember the German figure skating couple a few years ago who fell early on in their routine, and the young man scooped up his partner in his arms, her face all bloody, and skated her off the ice? We had to watch that replay every frickin' 15 minutes that night).

The girls are looking forward to the Olympics, but they've already said they can't wait until the summer Olympics because they want to watch the fencing (Note to self: We will *definitely* need cable in 2 years, because little do my girls realize that there is no way a US station is going to show *fencing* on TV for an extended period of time! ... or, could we perhaps be in a different country by then? Hmmmmm.)

Anyways, I'm wishing everyone an enjoyable 15 days of winter sports watching.

Go Apolo! Go Bode!