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27 February 2006

Monday Random Links

RIP Octavia Butler (thanks to Three of Four for the info). Her first publisher's copyediting inadequacies notwithstanding, her fiction was fresh and innovative. Parable was great, and I plan to read more of her fiction. You all should give her a try.

The Consort sent me this link last week. I think it would be a good idea for any readers of this blog to check it out. Warning: it is not a pleasant video to watch. It took a while for the video to buffer, but stick with it. The message is important.

PETA's take-home message is that we should all stop eating meat/eggs/etc. My take on the message from this video is that folks should rethink the cost of choosing organic meat or meat from a small local farmer over just picking up a styrofoam package of meat from their local grocery store chain. I don't find that torture is necessary or useful to apply to any living creature: human or otherwise.