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11 February 2006

Of Pins and Pens

As we all know, people in the south of the United States have a very distinctive accent. And this accent can cause confusion in conversations. Take, for example, the words “pin” and “pen”. In all other parts of the US, there is a distinct difference in pronunciation for these two words.

Not so, in the south! They are both said “piyun”. And when people complain about how confusing this is, southerners explain that when someone asks, “Kin I have uh piyun?” the correct response is, “Do ya wahnt a stick piyun or a ink piyun?” And in that way, all your confusion about meaning is resolved!

Well, I asked the Consort to buy a pack of pens when he went shopping today, and he brought us back this:

"But, Bubba," she whined, "Ah tole you Ah needid ink piyuns!"