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28 February 2006

Today, Random Questions

What is missing in the rat's diet that, when on my desk, she immediately goes for the carved soap sculptures I received as a Christmas gift from my daughter two years ago? And eats a chunk?

Why do people think hipsters are comfortable? I will need to buy some because the cut of pants has dropped and I can't bend down anymore in public (to get to the lowest shelf in bookstores, duh!) without tugging my shirt (and I don't wear cropped shirts).

Where is the cheap watch I bought just a month ago so I'd always have a way to tell time when out in public?

Why is it that people planning to do nefarious deeds think that by driving around in a flashy car, and playing their music so loud that it rattles windows, they won't get noticed?

Why am I not finishing up my current project right now?