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06 February 2006

Mark 11:15

There is a new club at the Elder Imperatrix-in-Training's middle school. I know because when I went in to run the lunchtime book-chat club last Thursday there were huge fluorescent posters everywhere announcing it. The Elder IT also says they made announcements over the PA urging kids to attend.

The club is called Youth for Christ. The posters and the announcements all urged the same thing: Come to our meeting and get FREE pizza and pop (soda to us non-Midwesterners). AND, you may win one of three iPods!!!!!!

Too bad Christianity has to stoop to bribery. What say you: WWJD*? (Hint: Check out that bible verse I gave ya.)

*WWJD = What Would Jesus Do. It's been a big fad on keychains, bumper stickers, jelwelry, etc., for the past few years. Not that anybody really pays attention to what it means. There's a lot going on in this country that I'm pretty sure Jesus wouldn't approve of. But then, I'm a heathen, so what do I know?