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13 February 2007

TV's Not All Bad, I Guess

I'm sure I had things to say. But I just spent the past half hour watching clips from Dateline (a TV news show -- usually I add quotes to the word news, but this time I won't) on their series called "To Catch a Predator". They film adults who, after explicit online chatting, come to a home thinking they'll find a 12 or 13 year old (boy or girl), alone. It's amazing how these guys immediately know they've done something wrong. Some acknowledge it, others try to spin their motives ("just a quick visit to make sure she's OK while her mom's out of town" -- good lord).

Yeah, TV's not all bad. We're probably the only family who hasn't seen this, but if you haven't seen it either, follow this link, and scroll down to where it says "Free Video". There are a series of clips you can watch. I was able to watch it on my Mac.

Thanks to Cowgirl for bringing this to my attention.