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06 February 2007

Officially Over the Hill

Right before Christmas, Impera mentioned that our not having a game system was Not Good. I could draw this story out, but I want to talk about ME, so I'll just say that, thanks to some very cool friends, they loaned the girls their Xbox system (they had recently gotten an Xbox 360). They gave us a few games to play: Halo (a futuristic military game), Morrowind (a D&D adventure game), a car racing game, and Dance Dance Revoution (henceforth DDR, because we're cool like that).

Aha! I thought. I can use DDR to do some aerobic exercise.

But I never got around to trying it out.

Yesterday, I decided it would be stupid to go to the gym in such bitter cold, so I changed into gym clothes, plugged in the DDR, and shut the drapes (so as not to reflect light on the TV screen, not, as some of you may think, to make sure neighbors couldn't see me dancing to DDR. Ahem.)

After 10 minutes of attempting to complete the training session. I gave up.

People, I just cannot figure that thing out. How the heck can they call something "training" if it's zipping along at mega-disco speed, and the arrows are flying up the screen so fast you can barely keep track? DDR kept telling me "Boo" and "Danger!"even though I swear -- I swear! -- that when the arrow pointed right I stepped right. And I was on the stupid mat the whole time ... I checked that, too (although looking down at the mat may be why I missed some of the arrows).

DDR sux. I was so frustrated with the whole experience I went to the kitchen and made myself an unhealthy snack. So there, DDR!

Damn. I guess I'll have to keep taking my chances with the sub-freezing weather and the perky co-eds at the gym. Bother.